Grow With Us - 92Y Camps Garden

Pearl River, NY


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Over 1,200 campers ages 5-18 experience gardening at 92Y Camps each summer. With dedicated camps for children with special needs and developmental disabilities, as well as scholarships for campers with financial need, 92Y Camps proudly welcomes children from a diverse cross-section of the New York City metropolitan area. With support from Seeds of Change, 92Y Camps plans to expand its existing garden to create a more interactive, ongoing gardening experience for campers to truly engage with the garden and learn about the process of growing fruits and vegetables. By expanding our beds, we will be able to plant a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, raspberries, and ground cherries, all perennial and ripe during the summer. The expanded garden will allow groups of up to 18 campers, working with adult supervision, to simultaneously dig in the dirt, pick weeds, water the plants, and eventually harvest the fruits and vegetables.