Thank you for your interest in The Seeds of Change Grant Program.
The program officially begins on Monday, Mar 02, 2016, so please check back soon to enter.
We look forward to receiving your submission and the opportunity to help your garden grow.


Riverside City College Community Garden

BY: Tonya H

Riverside, CA


A Seeds of Change grant would enable the RCC Community Garden to meet health codes so that we can provide fresh, affordable, organic produce to our school cafeteria and free, healthy produce to needy students. Upgrades may include installation of a sink and rodent-proof fencing. These funds would also allow us to create an awareness campaign for the garden and issues of sustainable food, continue with K-12 outreach to foster early enthusiasm, and offer monthly workshops on topics from seeds to food preservation. The grant would help us lead by example and increase water efficiency by enabling us to finish installation of a high quality drip irrigation system. Lastly, the grant would increase our ability to educate students in this outdoor laboratory space by helping fund a shed, replacement tools, a water meter, produce scale, and field guides to collect and analyze data in a variety of classes as well as to quantify our efforts to responsibly grow local food.



New this Year!

A $5,000-VALUE "Garden Ambassador Award"

If you submit the application for one of the four projects selected for a $20,000 grant, you'll get a special "Submitter's Reward" worth $5,000*! This reward will consist of:

  • An all-expense-paid trip to the Good Food Conference in Chicago, including expenses.
  • A mentorship with a gardening expert.

It's our way of thanking you for taking an active role in supporting sustainable gardening and helping your community or school.

*Full legal terms here.