Thank you for your interest in The Seeds of Change Grant Program.
The program officially begins on Monday, Mar 02, 2016, so please check back soon to enter.
We look forward to receiving your submission and the opportunity to help your garden grow.


Charles Helmers Elementary School Garden

BY: Natalie F

Valencia, CA


With this one grant, we would be able to pay for all construction costs to transform an underutilized, cemented space into a beautiful and functional garden that will provide new teaching tools as well as new opportunities for learning. As part of the curriculum, time spent in the garden will compliment classroom lessons by offering real life applications. Natural processes like the nutrient cycle can be observed, and nearly every subject can be illustrated. The garden will also be an opportunity to connect with our community. We have spoken with California School of the Arts and ArtTree (both in Santa Clarita) to collaborate on a mural for the garden. We will also have the potential for creating garden centered events, as well as donating to local Food Banks and other organizations. In this garden program students can rediscover a connection to nature, a responsibility to the environment, an appreciation for fresh food, and the pride of creating something through teamwork.



New this Year!

A $5,000-VALUE "Garden Ambassador Award"

If you submit the application for one of the four projects selected for a $20,000 grant, you'll get a special "Submitter's Reward" worth $5,000*! This reward will consist of:

  • An all-expense-paid trip to the Good Food Conference in Chicago, including expenses.
  • A mentorship with a gardening expert.

It's our way of thanking you for taking an active role in supporting sustainable gardening and helping your community or school.

*Full legal terms here.